2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee, JeepDisplay.Com – The group of people who love jeep are familiar with this brand: Jeep Grand Cherooke.

Back in 2003, it is the fanciest jeep available and still securing its place on the top lists.

The previous models offered were not as tough as this model. If you are interested, do a favor to learn about the great jeep.

2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Specs

The first thing to look up for a jeep is the specification. There are regular jeeps, but Grand Cherokee is definitely not one of them.

It does have the regular four wheels drive in the machine, but the engine power is stronger. Take a look at the other models and the jeep lovers will find 235 hp.

Jeep grand cherokee offers 260 hp instead. Aside from these points, there are more surprises when you observe a little deeper.

  • The Exterior

At the first sight, the jeep lovers will be able to tell that it is a fine Jeep. It has sturdy built, around 70 inches tall.

However, the front side is a little bit round, giving this Jeep an SUV look.

Believe it or not, the roundish front gear gives unique feature for this model.

  • The Interior

No other models could beat the luxury interior of Grand Cherokee.

The moment the owners step into the jeep, they will be greeted with classic black leather.

If they look closer to the leather interior, there is a touch of redwood burl accent.

For the overland model, an embroidered floor mat is also available.

The manufacturer not only improves the quality of the machine, but also the safety. Air bags are ready for all passengers on front and rear seat.

These protection tools are mounted to the ceilings. In addition to the safety belt, Grand Cherokee are stepping into children friendly zone.

It adds the standard child latch to attach special chair for the little adventurers.

Seating on the front seat, the owners would fall in love with the design.

It is soft, has high back rest with thick covers, and applies a crook to hold the passengers in place.

However, these might be a disadvantage while driving off road. The soft seat surface should be sturdier to absorb the bump shock.

Since the back rest is high, one cornering move will throw the passengers to the window.

While driving at night, the owners don’t have to try too hard to find the pedals.

Thanks to the manufacturer that applies electroluminescent to all the gauges, these important parts will glow in the dark.

Technically, this feature is more practical compared to painting the gauges with lighter color. In the pitch black, the light color still can’t be seen.

  • The Engine

One thing that makes an original jeep is the ability to conquer the bumpy road and rocky surface.

For this purpose, Grand Cherokee puts Quadra Drive inside the overland model. It is a great combination of Vari lock axels and the Quadra Trac II transfer system.

These pairs applies hydromechanical torque-transfer between the wheels, making it easier to drive with ease.

For standard model (Limited), the vari lock axels is omitted. However, the Quadra Trac system is responsive enough to switch the torque.

It has no problem to track which rear has more traction.

  • The Entertainment

Enjoy the ride and play some music through the six blasting speakers inside the jeep.

The owners only need to put CDs into the slot provided. Move to the next track without moving hands from the steer.

The steering wheels audio control will do the job. The owner could even install radio if they want to!

How Much Does 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Weigh?

In car terms, there are three kinds of weight: the curb weight, payload weight and the gross weight. It is not hard to tell the difference between these two.

Curb weight is the weight of the vehicles only, without any luggage or driver.

The equipments and tools such as the oil, full tank fuel, engine and seats are also counted in the curb weight.

In manufacturing term, this is also called as “standard weight”.

The gross weight, in the other hand, includes the driver, packages and luggage weight as well.

It is important to pay attention to the gross weight, so the owners do not put more weight than what the Grand Cherokee could carry.

The last one, payload weight, refers to the weight the vehicle could carry while moving.

The jeep might seem to run well if the loads are heavier. However, it will break the machine.

The curb weight for Jeep Grand Cherokee is 1980 kg or equal to 4365 lbs.

After all the passengers get on with their luggage, the maximum weight (gross weight) should be 2506 kg or 5525 lbs.

If calculated carefully, the safe payload weight is around 526 kg or 1160 lbs.

How to Tell If A Ball Joint Is Going Out 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Ever wonder how any cars and jeeps could make a turn? It is because each of them have ball joints.

They are important parts and need regular care. Since they work actively for each ride, they need to be replaced after some time.

As the owners, it is better to recognize the signs of broken ball joints.

  1. Clunking Noises

The first and most obvious sign of the worn out ball joints is the clunking noises. It comes from the front suspension.

How is this sound produced? As the ball joints became loose, they will bump into the other engine parts while the cars is working.

The sound will be even louder when the jeep goes through rough roads. The bad news is every bumps make the ball joints even more loose.

  1. Unusual Strong Vibration

If the ball joints work well, the ride will be smooth. As time passed, the loose joints will create strong vibration while working.

Some owners might miss it when they start the engine. However, the vibration could not be ignored while they are driving.

When the right ball joints are wearing off, then the vibration will come from the right side.

Sometimes, the unusual vibration reach the steering wheel as well.

  1. Slightly Uncontrollable Steering Wheel

As mentioned before, the function of the ball joints is helping the car make a right or left turn.

Since it is not working properly, the owners might lose control over the steering wheel.

It will occasionally make sudden turn without any notice. This thing could happen because the ball joint is not in straight position anymore.

In the other words, the joints are out of its original place.

  1. Tire Feathering

If the previous signs are not enough, then take a look at the tire.

Is it in good shape? Does it have some kind of shabby crack on the surface? This is called the tire feathering.

It happens because the ball joints needs to be replaced immediately.

How Much Transmission Fluid In 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee

For a full tank, the owners need around 7 qt. This is the normal amount given by the car service center.

However, if the owners would like to change the transmission fluid manually, it is not recommended to pour 7qt at once.

The recommended step is pouring in as much as the amount of fluid taken out from the machine.

Normally, it only takes around 4 qt. The other 3 qt still sit inside the machine.

It is very important to change the transmission fluid regularly. Driving a jeep with dirty transmission fluid will cause the long term effect.

For instance, the transmission filter will be clogged and the machine cannot provide the pulse needed.

Therefore, it is wiser to check the transmission fluid every time the owners come for regular service, especially if the jeep goes through long mileages.

When the owners fail to check the quality of the transmission fluid, they might need to change the whole parts.

Of course, it is not cheap. The cost to change the whole transmission part is $198 to $292.

If the owners manage to change the fluid regularly, the cost will only be $70 to $150.

How Much Is a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Worth

Back in 2003, it is quite pricey. The cheapest model is Laredo, which cost around $ 26.480.

This is the best price for those in tight budget. If you want the best features to offer, it would be the Grand Cherokee Overland.

One unit will cost around $ 38.495. Enjoy the maximum satisfaction on and off road.

If you want the medium quality, the choices are Laredo 4WD, Limited and Limited 4WD. The cheapest among these three is Laredo 4WD.

The jeep lovers could have it under $ 30.000. The limited model is sold at $ $31.410.

If you have more money, it is better to take the Limited 4WD. It costs $ 33.840 per unit.

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One thing sets the clear line between 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee and the other models.

It greets the driver with tough look and great performance.

At the same time, the passengers will enjoy the first class comfort. Is there any better jeep than this?

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