2017 Jeep Wrangler Sport, JeepDisplay.Com – Among all vehicles released in 2017, you will find it difficult to look for another vehicles which can defeat a 2017 Jeep Wrangler.

This new release vehicle keeps and maintains it original design which obviously makes it looks more attractive and recognized.

This two-door or four-door vehicle is known for its SUV friendly design to make the passengers comfortable staying in it.

2017 Jeep Wrangler Sport Specs

The first things to be discussed about this 2017 Jeep Wrangler Sport are its specifications.

For the automotive fans, the consideration of purchasing a new vehicle must be the engine.

It can’t be denied that the Jeep Wrangler is still a unique and authentic vehicle possessing the capacity of going increased at the same time

Now, this deliberately crude vehicle has become more civilized and comfortable to drive on.

What is meant with the deliberately crude is to point out the removable doors of the vehicle which have been installed with luxurious uncovered hinges.

The vehicle is also designed with a windshield that can be flipping down to create a less-obstructed view off the road.

2017 Jeep Wrangler Sport Engine Power

Wrangler sport uses the engine designed by Mercedes Benz especially its 5-speed automatic transmission with the availability of 6-speed manual.

It also uses a fancy and smooth Chrysler Pentastar 3.6-litre V6 24V VVT.

It has the speed of 285 horsepower @ 6,400 RPM with a torque of 260 pound feet.

This engine is able to scoot the car to 60 mph within 7.7 seconds on a two door car, while for a four-door car, the speed reaches 8.4 seconds later.Photo Image 2017 Jeep Wrangler Sport Power

When driving Wrangler sport on the road, you can see that the engine is somewhat amazing. The V6 engine is superb powerful when being the gas hog.

This engine is able to rev quickly and smoothly.

While, for the 5-speed automatic transmission, it can shift sharply under the gas harder and can be very soft when you use light acceleration.

If you want to experience as if riding the authentic and original Jeep, you must use the 6-speed manual transmission.

The 6-speed manual engine attributes the long pedal and long throws travel. It creates sufficient vibration so that you can feel what your car is doing while riding it.

Both automatic and manual transmissions, the top gear ratios are quite tall in order to keep down the vibration and revs from the higher speeds.

However, they are not able to keep down the fuel consumption.

2017 Jeep Wrangler Sport Fuel Consumption

If we are talking about the aerodynamics, there is not much to say about it.

Wrangler surprisingly possesses good acceleration when being at comparatively low rpm.

Although its old modeled steering is quite dull while the ride is not that great, as this sport car only consumes for about 17 miles per fuel gallon.

They all don’t matter when you ride on the rugged terrain as it automatically becomes the champion.

2017 Jeep Wrangler Sport Body

Wrangler is designed with a tough chassis completed with skid plates and high ground clearance, and also the solid axles in front part and rear part of the vehicle.

The machine can be really outstanding when you are dealing with scrambling over the boulders.

In Rubicon model, new tricks are introduced.

To be able to reach the bigger boulders, the vehicle is included the electronic disconnected sway bar to create superb wheel articulation as well as stability when facing the extreme road conditions.

Furthermore, this sport car is designed to provide cabin refinement for the passengers as it is completed with Alpine speakers and air conditioning.

For the cabin, the two-door and four-door Wrangler sport vehicles are all designed with soft top, hard top, or both.

If you choose the soft top, it can be much easier to come down compared to how it used to be in the past, but the T-top model is a lot easier to manage than the soft top.

The hard top is similar to the T-top where you can easily remove the roof panels.

The new feature is built on 2016 edition that is the Black Bear edition as the cabin is completed with a soft top and rock-resistive rials.

The design of the Jeep Wrangler is managed to be similar to its original Jeep.

It has big box-shaped wheel flares, level sides and also seven-rib grille.

The designer of the car has been able to stash the original silhouettes from the Willys Jeep into Wrangler’s windshield and wheelwells.

Rubicon Type

For the Rubicon model, it is designed with its own ride.

It has its specs for scaling boulders accompanied by the suitable numbers: 40.4 degrees departure, 25.4 degrees breakover, 44.3 degrees approach angle.

Those useful numbers are to cope with any extreme off-roads.

The steering is designed by implementing the previous recirculating-ball setting.

The turn-in of the steering is much smoother although it is quite dull with some dead zone.

Due to its tall tires, the steering is sometimes not responsive when facing the curved road.

But, if you use Wrangler to more extreme road conditions, like snow, rocks, sand or mud, it is totally outstanding. So, bring it on!

2017 Jeep Wrangler Sport Interior

When talking about the interior of this sport car, you will also find an outstanding designs that you won’t miss.

The padding is so soft that you won’t stop touching it. You will find the lighting placed under the dashboard.

Wrangler Sport vehicle is also completed with some cupholders to store your drinks when you are to ride it.

The instrument panels are designed somewhat quite similar to the original Jeep. They are also clean and upright.

Some corners of the panel are made to be contoured. The panels are also trimmed following the machine appearance.

You can also find the drain plugs located in the floorboards and you can easily use them to water the panel out.

Even tough you will find that this sport car has been in advanced progress, there are some important things to be considered.

This vehicle still has its rough ride and also the moderately fuel economy. Moreover, the Wrangler Sport car is still in the lowest rating on the road safety lately.

For your convenience and comfort while riding this sport vehicle, you will be given such great features.

2017 Jeep Wrangler Sport Accessories

The car is equipped with AM/FM stereo radio, remote USB port, cargo tie down loops, tilt steering wheel, removable ashtray, cigar lighter, SiriusXM satellite radio but with only one-year subscription.

Always add the subscription for longer period of time later on. You will also be equipped with CD/MP3 player.

You can manage the volume of the radio according to your preference as you have 8 speakers with subwoofer.

The car is also designed with rear dome lamp for the cargo bed light. While for the cargo mat, it is completed with floor mat and the storage from the rear compartment.

To help you drive comfortably in such bright light, you can use the sliding sun visor which is also completed with mirror.

If you ride with children, you can ensure their safety as the car is designed with power door locks.

2017 Jeep Wrangler Sport Colors

Today, you can choose your favorite color for your Wrangler Sport vehicle among new colors being released for it.

You can now find that Jeep Wrangler and also Jeep Wangler Unlimited have come into such eye-popping and rich hues to make everyone watching will turn their heads off over your vehicle.

Photo Image 2017 Jeep Wrangler Sport 2 Door ViewYou can mixmatch the colors of the exterior and the interior of your Wrangler Sport vehicle.

The signature colors of the exterior of this 2017 Jeep Wrangler are Xtreme Purple pearlcoat, Gobi clearcoat (suede/desert), Acid Yellow, Chief clearcoat (vivid blue).

Some other colors have also been added to the color options of 2017 Wrangle.

The colors are: granite crystal metallic clearcoat (light gray), hypergreen clearcoat, billet silver metallic clearcoat, black clearcoat, firecracker red clearcoat, rhino clearcoat (dark grey), and bright white clearcoat.

You can also pair the colors of your Wrangler both the exterior and the interior.

You can choose the colors such as dark olive/black, dark saddle black/black, or black for your Wrangler interior.

Black color for the interior is available for all Wrangler models.

On the other hands, dark olive/black is only available for Sahara model and the color of dark saddle/black is available for Sahara and Rubicon models.

The Past Color

It seems that the paint colors of Jeep Wrangler goes back to its original Jeep colour, 1937 Willys MB which was being manufactured for the war purpose with its gunmetal color.

Since that moment, Jeep has tried to reach the interest of the whole world by evolving and holding the test of the time.

During the first release of Jeep Wrangler in 1986, the original color of the vehicle has been more mature by presenting the lifetime classic colors and also the more contemporary colors that are available nowadays.

You can now match your favorite vehicle with its color.

Freely choose from various models of Jeep Wrangler and also Jeep Wrangler Unlimited such as 75th anniversary models, Willys Wheeler, Sport S, Sport, Sahara and Rubicon.

Also look for the new trim packages in 2017 along with the models of Unlimited Backcountry Jeep.

It doesn’t matter what Jeep type that you choose, you will always find that this vehicle along with its mid-sized and classic compact features is able to take you everywhere you want to go.

Moreover, designed with much more stylist and appealing colors, it is guaranteed that you will look better driving this tough car on the urban or rural road settings.

2017 Jeep Wrangler Sport Price

This 2017 Jeep Wrangler is released in two types, that is, a two-door sport car and a four-door sport car.

These two types of vehicle comes into unlimited versions with various models, starting from the Wrangler Sport which is for about $23,459.

You can also purchase another model of Wrangler probably the fancy Sahara with the cost of $29,495.

Or, you can purchase the tough Rubicon for $32,695.

The packages are completed with the names such as Hard Rock, Willys Wheeler, and Freedom to make them more appealing.

Besides the SUV friendly design, 2017 Jeep Wrangler is also manufactured with many more additional specifications to make it competitive with other sport cars released in the same year.

One specification that you consider to be much comfortable is that this vehicle is equipped with several options including the my GIG music storage, satellite radio, heated seats, Bluetooth, Alpine speakers, automatic climate control, and navigation.

What size tires on a 2017 Jeep Wrangler sport?

The Jeep Wrangler Sports vehicle is designed with various tire sizes.

The size of the tires basically depends on the model of Wrangler that you purchase whether it is Sport, Sport S, Sahara, Rubicon, etc.

In general, the stock sizes of the tire are 255/070R18 (32” x 10”), 225/75R16 (29” x 9”) and 255/75R17 (32” x 10”).

The backspacing is very important to determine the length of the wheel and tire to stick inside or outside the fender.

The length of the backspacing on the stock wheel for the latest model of Jeep Wrangler is about 6.25”.

In any case when the wheel backspacing is less that 6.26”, probably 3.5”, it means that your vehicle has a wider stance and, consequently, the tire will stick more outside the fender if compared to normal position.

This tire condition is usually known as deep dish wheel.

The function of the stock backspacing is no other than to hold the factory tires seated properly inside the fenders.

The Larger Tires Size

When you ask people on the largest tire size that you can put in the stock of your Wrangler is 33” tires.

What they say is true, but the condition of the road needs to be considered.

If you deal with normal condition, like the highway street, then the 33” tires are suitable for your sport vehicle.

However, if you want to ride on the rough condition as there will be much more flex or articulation, the 33” sized tires will only hit the fenders and possibly damage them.

If you keep on running the 33″ tire on your vehicle stock wheel, you can minimize the problem by using the 33″ x 10″ tires, and you can use these tires for off-road.

For most cases, the size of 33″ x 11″ tires sitting on the stock wheels are comfortably used without causing any problem.Photo Image 2017 Jeep Wrangler Sport 2 Doors

On the other hand, if you have just installed some large set of tires and you face some problems like the rubbing on the front frame rail, on front sway bar and also on the lower control arms whenever you take the full turns.

You can solve this problem by installing new set of tires which have the right amount of the backspacing.

Be careful when some tire shops suggest to change the steering stops or maybe to add the tire spacers to get rid of the rubbing.

Don’t fall for this suggestion as this area in your vehicle is already superb dynamic point.

The Size Choices

Below are the common sizes of tire with 33” x 11” measure:




If you want to use wider tires than 11”, you can choose one of the tire options below:

295/65R18 (33″x11.6″)

305/70R16 (33″x12″)

305/60R17 (33″x12″) 

295/70R17 (33″x11.6″) 

Make sure that when you choose one of the tirre sizes above, you need to find a set of tires with 4.5” backspacing and you can also use less than 4.5” backspacing.

Tips and Tricks

What you need to remember when you want to add much taller tires for your vehicle is that your Wrangler Sport car will also become higher.

One consequence of having taller tires is your gravity point will also be higher and it can make your wheels less stable.

To overcome the problem which may arise from this situation, you need to make your wheels wider.

You can choose wider stance as it will also make your car looks a way much better.

Now, about your riding preference, if you want to drive your Wrangler Sport vehicle on the regular basis, you can use the 17” tires.

However, if you want to drive the car on the highways and roads, you can be more comfortable in handling your car if you use 18” tires since these types of tires tend to have much stronger sidewall.

You can also install some gas shocks to improve your riding quality over the shocks of Wrangler stock. You can use Bilstein 5100 for it.

How Much Does a 2017 Jeep Wrangler Sport Weight?

If talking about the weight of the vehicle, here are some information that can be very useful for you.

The cargo capacity of the vehicle can be for maximum of 892 L. The curb weight of the car can reach for 1,940 kg.

The dimension of the front headroom is 1,049 mm and the front legroom is 1,041 mm.

The capacity of the fuel tank can reach the maximum of 85 L.

The dimension of the gross vehicle weight is 2,449 kg while the ground clearance is 229 mm.

The height of Wrangler is 1,844 mm and its length body size is 4,696 mm.

The maximum trailer weight of Jeep Wrangler is 907 kg. The maximum cargo capacity is 1,999 mm.

For the rear position, the rear headroom is 1,206 mm and the rear legroom is 944 mm.

The wheel base is 2,946 mm and the width is 1,873 mm.

How to install running boards on a 2017 jeep Wrangler Sport?

Do you notice that people sometimes find difficulties when they want to enter or exit from your Jeep Wrangler vehicle?

Some adults may also encounter this problem.

If the adults sometimes find problem with it, can you imagine how your small kids feel when they also want to climb up into your car?

The best solution to this problem is by installing the running boards at each side of the car body.

However, the running boards can also be very advantageous for you and also other people to climb your car.

So, the next question is if your 4×4 Wrangler can use the additional layers of the security on each side of its body.

Generally, each sport car can be added by such additional layers or the side steps. How to install the side steps is also very easy.

What you need to do firstly is to purchase the running boards designed specifically for the Jeep Wrangler Sport vehicle.

You can also measure the length of the side parts of the car juts to make sure that you purchase the right size of the running boards.

If the running boards come into various colors, you can choose the one which is in in line with the color of the car body.

Don’t forget to mention whether you have a two-door or a four-door Jeep Wrangler.


When you have got your running boards, firstly, determine the right side of the boards. You will have RH and LH.

RH is for the right side while LH is for the left side.

Then, if you want to install the RH first, you need yo line up the holes of the board along the side part of your car.

Then, you just need to install it. Make sure to tighten up each hole with 10 mm nuts.

Then, above the 10 mm nuts, install the 13 mm bolts and tighten them up.

After you have finished installing the right side, you can install the running board for the left side.

Easy, isn’t it? If the boards are heavy and unable to hold it by self while installing the nuts and bolts.

Ask some help from your family members. Make sure that the side boards are leveled.

Or, you can bring your car to the car shop and ask them to install the running boards for you.

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So, is the information enough to help you understand more about 2017 Jeep Wrangler Sport vehicle?

After you know its specifications and other information, you can now decide which model and color that is suitable for you. Happy shopping!

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